In the video below you will see a "no-win scenario." I know Captain Kirk does not believe in a "no-win scenario" but I think we might have him on this one.

Imagine you are visiting Yellowstone National Park at the wrongest time of all wrong times. THE VOLCANO IS BLOWING. Right. now.

Exactly what would that look like? I mean besides the screaming and panicking in your car?

Someone on Youtube at Unity 5 ProGames decided to make an animation of a car trying to outrun the blast. Just to be clear, there would be no way to do that.

attachment-Youtube screen grab yellowstone escape 1

The problem is that the shockwave alone will be traveling so fast you couldn't even outrun that in an airplane.

But just for the fun of it, let's say that you avoided the initial shock wave.

Now you have the problem of twisty country roads slowing you're down and what is coming at you is moving much faster than your car will be able to keep ahead of.

attachment-Youtube screen grab yellowstone escape 2

Word of advice if I can. Just focus on driving and DO NOT look in the mirror.

OH, did I mention the LAVA BOMBS? Yeah, those are going to start landing around you too. No sense in trying to dodge them. They are completely random.

Just keep your foot to the floor and hope that you get lucky. But, you're not going to get lucky and Captain Kirk had not been born yet so nobody can beam you up.

This is a fun animation to watch.

Just be happing in knowing that, according to scientists, Yellowstone is not going to blow any time soon.

Open this up on YouTube for the full wide-screen effect.

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