Clever, or scary?

Raccoons are known to be smart, just look at Rocket from Guardians Of The Galaxy, but when they start knocking on the back door with a rock to let the humans in the house know that the cat's food dish is empty, we have to start wondering if we have a problem.

Is nature getting smarter than humans?

We've shown you videos of bears opening car doors in the middle of the night to search for food or for a place to sleep.

Then there was that bear who just took himself to the grocery store whenever he got hungry.

Now we have raccoons on the back deck politely tapping with a rock, "Scuze me! The cat dish is empty!"

How did he know that the humans were responsible for supplying the food? Did he see them refilling the dish for the cat?

What does the cat think about all of this? I'm sure he's not happy.

It might not be so bad if it was just one friendly little critter, but we all know that they will spread the word among their friends and soon the back porch will be filled with them. That's when it gets dangerous.

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