Wyoming can certainly have its fair share of gnarly looking clouds. Given our elevation and the ever changing weather that Wyoming goes through on a daily basis, we often see some crazy looking weather fronts come our way in some cases. But there are sometimes that the clouds just look perfect...almost a little too perfect.

It's only fitting that in less than two weeks, the new film 'Matrix Resurrections' is going to be released when we're back in the world of Neo and the Agents trying to track him down. In case you haven't seen the original, the proverbial 'Matrix' is a basically our reality that's put in front of us by machines, and sometimes things in that world can seem a little too perfect. This isn't prerequisite reading to wonder what's happening in this video...

Of course, that franchise stars everyone's favorite action hero Keanu Reeves as the protagonist but we don't need his help to figure out what is going on with these insanely perfect looking clouds from this video shared on TikTok. Like...what?


Is that sky even real? It's the type of thing that seemingly you would only see while driving through the Cowboy State. TikTok user 'dingodarby' shared this video. While there's no music to go along with it, I was just waiting for the very intrusive score of 'The Matrix' to drop in given those clouds looking like they were painted on the sky in 3D.

It's definitely one of the awesome advantages we have of living in Wyoming. Every now and then, even on a clear day in the video, look up! You might just see something incredible.

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