It doesn't matter where you stand on the severity of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Are you someone that doesn't go to the grocery store, works entirely from home, and has forgotten what your friend's voices sound like? Or do you still pop into the office sometimes, still run your errands, just taking extra care to wipe things down and wash your hands? Either way, we all know what's going on in the world right now. We know there is concern turning into fear, isolation turning into a feeling of abandonment, and a constant lack of surety.

The University of Wyoming knows better than most, as they've had to turn out thousands of students from housing and food plans they relied upon. But, UW also knows that comfort is the least they can do.

The video below, released by the University, shows UW students in class, studying, laughing with friends, at sporting events, gathering together and supporting each other in every way. It reminds viewers of the good times had, and the good times that will still come.

"In this time of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, be living proof of what it means to be a Cowboy. Help a neighbor. Stay curious. Be brave. Practice optimism."

"Better days are ahead, Pokes".

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