Halloween gags seem to get better every year.

Modern technology has helped us a lot with that.

Here is yesterday's winner for the best Halloween trick of all.

Pull up behind this skeleton at a stop light and you'll see a sign that says "HONK FOR A TREAT!"

Now, what could he mean by that? Passing out candy perhaps?


Go on, play the video below and see what happens when these ladies try it!

They laugh so hard they have to try it again.

This guy wins the award for the 2022 Halloween gag of the year.

Think about the work he had to put into this. He had to run up a squirting hose and set it up to function from his cab. That takes a little creativity and effort. He gets a high score on all counts.

Thanks to this gentleman for bringing fun and joy to people's lives. Most of us have had enough of buzz kills. Most of us just want to have fun.

Let's look at some other great Halloween moments caught on camera.

Now maybe you're seeing why this is my favorite holiday.

This kicks off the holiday season. Let's turn off the news for a while and get out there and have some fun.

Just remember the basic rule that the person you are pranking should be having as much fun as you are while you are pulling the prank.

YES - there are Thanksgiving and Christmas pranks to pull.

Let's get busy AMERICA!

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