Jackson Wyoming is often made fun of as the only liberal blue county in the state. Yet we have to thank them for turning out to bring home Fallen Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum.

Mr. McCullum was one of 13 marines killed in a suicide bombing recently in Afghanistan.

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The entire town of Jackson turned out to bring him home.

In the videos below you can watch the long procession of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and finally the hearse.

Plans for the funeral have not been announced yet.

Wyoming has a long tradition of bringing home those it has lost in wars with everyone turning up, flags in hand, hats off or hands over hearts. Streets are lined with the entire town as the procession passes. This outpouring of love in Jackson was no different than in any other town in the state.

This final video we have for you is from one of the cars in the procession. You can see the entire town and flags everywhere, including a massive one hung over the street from a crane.

Special thanks to the wonderful people of Jackson, Wyoming for their outpouring of respect and love.

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