This time the tourist was actually trying to GET OUT OF THE WAY! But the bison was determined to PUNT someone.

Watch the video below to see the latest headbutt. 

You know how this works.

In the world of fighter pilots, 5 kills and you are an ace.

When we started this series our bison friend had only 2 tourists printed on his side.

He would have to punt a few more to be an ace, but could he do it by the end of tourist season?

Well, he might just be on track with time to spare.

attachment-Bison punt count

He had 3 going into the 4th of July weekend.

If you watch the video below you'll see that this bison is determined to head bump a tourist even though the tourist is moving away.

Personally, I don't think they made good enough use of the log barrier that was right there. The guy that was butted could have simply slipped over to the other side and avoided the confrontation.

Watch as the bison selects his target and corners him.

The poor man was actually bleeding.

Even though he was trying to get out of the way he was charged by park rangers as if he was harassing the animal.

And there you have number 4.

Just one more to go and our friendly bison is an ace.

The term 'ace' is generally taken to mean any fighter pilot credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft.


OKAY back to our bison friend.

To be clear, this is all a joke. YES, Wyoming has 4 bison attacks so far this year (2022). But it is not all the same bison.

There is this video that has gone viral and they keep adding the score to the side of this same animal.

It's just fun to think of one animal running up a score like this.

Now that Yellowstone is open again I'm sure that our friend here will have no problem becoming an ace by the end of the season.

Most of Yellowstone is not open, with the exception of a couple of roads that were damaged during the recent spring floods.

We have a story at this link showing you what is open and where.

Baby Bison In Thermopolis Wyoming

Wyoming Has Polish MiGs for Ukraine

Not long after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the was talk of Poland giving Ukraine some of their MiG fighter planes.

Poland is now part of NATO. So they were willing to part with the older Russian planes for newer and more hi-tech Western planes.

For several reasons, the deal fell through. Ukraine will not get the planes.

HEY Ukraine!
If you're still interested, Wyoming has a few old Polish MiGs we would be happy to give you.

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