Guys, we've been telling you for over a week now.

We've been talking about it on the radio and writing articles about it on our websites.

There are ads for it all over the internet and television, and in every store you've been in for the past month.

Your ladies have been either dropping hints or staying quiet to see what you will do.

This story is being published on February 14th. Valentine's Day.

You forgot, didn't you?

This is your last chance. You can fix this before the end of the day.

If you must do the flower thing, well, you can try flower shops but most of them are sold out by now.

The same goes for the candy shop and other goodies you might be thinking of.

So, what now?

Half-buried shopping cart in a dirty snow bank

Are you actually thinking of a quick stop by a dollar store or Walmart? REALLY?

She's going to know that you rushed in and picked up something at the last second and had to desperately search the empty shelves, finally settling on something lame just to avoid getting in trouble.

You are in so much trouble.

Here are a few quick ideas for you that might help.

Bring home some of her favorite restaurant food and tell her to put on her favorite movie. It's a date night.

I can hear you screaming in horror now.

Yeah- you're going to have to watch a CHICK FLICK!

Happy young couple relaxing and watching TV at home

Well, you wouldn't have to if you had thought this out in advance.

But this is why you brought adult beverages. Not for the romance, but because there is no way you're going to make it through THE BARBIE MOVIE without being toasted.

Just act like you're enjoying her company and keep drinking.

The Barbie Movie is 1 hour and 54 minutes long.

Don't play on your phone. That will put you right back into the dog house.

You can do this. Hang in there. Hold her close when she reaches the crying scene.

Next year, try to remember.

What am I saying? You're going to forget next year too. We both know it.

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