We all knew this was going to happen.

High winds are blowing snow and closing down major highways and back roads.

So let's see what Wyoming roads a closed as of Wednesday morning 02/01/23.

Some entire communities are trapped in the drifts with no outside contact.

It's the usual place, as you might imagine.

Never mind trying to drive between Cheyenne and Wheatland. It doesn't matter which road you want to take.

I-80 is actually open.

But it's more than just a little sketchy.

You might want to just avoid I-80 for a little while longer.

The map below is from WYDOT. Wednesday morning, 023/01/23, at 5am.

attachment-WYDOT 020123

The question becomes, how much longer will this go on?

According to an app/website called WINDY, we can expect heavy winds in this area for the rest of Wednesday.

That keeps the snow blowing and makes these roads dangerous.

That will wind slow down a bit on Thursday, and the temperature will rise above freezing for most areas, helping road conditions.


Wyoming might actually be open by the weekend.

That's also good news because many grocery stores need to be restocked.

Here is what the WINDY website and app were showing, early Wednesday morning.

attachment-screen grab wyoming wind WINDY

Shipments of food and fuel have been delayed for almost an entire week.

The winter storm took about 2 days to pass.

But the wind has kept that snow blowing around ever since.

Keep an eye on the forecast for more harsh weather coming our way in the next 10 days or so.

There are systems building out there. We know they are coming. Not exactly sure of when just yet.

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