So it's windy outside. Well, it's November in Wyoming so -- suck it up. 

Still, no reason you can't have fun with it.

The next time the wind really picks up let's do some STUPID SCIENCE. That way we can claim we are smart and doing "science" when we are actually goofing off like a bunch of stupid kids.

1). Send weird stuff down the street just to see how people freak out. The winner is the person who can find that item posted on TikTok later in the day.

Here is a video of a WIG blowing down the street. That's unusual.

2).  Put a big smile on your face and wave at your friend across the street or parking lot. They will think you are saying something friendly. But actually, you can cuss them out at full volume. The wind will break up the sound and they won't hear you. Do it in the name of "science."

3). Have a windblown trashcan race down the street with your neighbors.

4). Lean into the wind like this guy, see how far you can go before you fall flat. This works better with lighter people.

5). So maybe the next trick is to see how far tiny people will get blown down the road.

6). Get a skateboard or roller skates and make a sail out of anything you can find.

7). Try to pour a drink from a can into a solo cup and see how much liquid actually makes it. DO NOT WASTE GOOD BEER DOING THIS.

Just a warning on this one, no matter how you try this it will not end wellawy. But isn't that the fun of it all?

Here is a video of bad wind experiments gone - REALLY BAD!

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