A strange item turned up on my Social media. It was a page from a book called Spells, Charms and Incantations.

The picture showed a list of ways for a man to woo a woman.

A finger points to the following suggestion:

You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.

I had my doubts. But with social media at my fingertips and a state-wide talk radio show heard on stations across Wyoming, it was worth asking.

Ladies, this Valentine's Day would you prefer flowers, chocolate, or cheese?


The answers came pouring in.

Guys, it turns out we've had it wrong this entire time.

Forget the flowers.

Go get her some cheese.

attachment-Cheese please 2

Imagine, she comes home and rather than rose peddles leading to the bedroom, there is cheese and wine, crackers, maybe a grape now and then.

Although a couple of women were concered about cracker crumbs.

Well, what if you saw him vacuuming up the crumbs?

The women went NUTS over the thought of watching a man vacuum.

My sister answered,

I've been married for 33 years. I think its because he vacumes.

attachment-Cheese please 1

Okay, so don't count out chocolates altogether.

What about an all-of-the-above approach? What if I dipped some cheese in chocolate and made it look like a flower, then gave it to her while vacuuming?

Most women said they liked the idea of a variety of cheeses.

Miss Mary, my radio show producer, suggested that the more samples a woman is given the longer she will hang around.

But you don't have to be fancy. It depends on the woman.

One woman said she has been known to sit at home eating American Cheese and drinking beer.

Other women just wanted a sample platter.

Some ladies like to be treated high-end.

I think the last comment in the string was the best.

attachment-Cheese please 3

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