Let's clarify a few words and terms first so we have a clear understanding of what the Supreme Court decision on abortion is really all about, and what it means for Wyoming.

Abortion is NOT illegal in America. It just depends on which state you live in. This decision wasn’t a Pro-Life Victory or a pro-choice defeat. It reaffirmed Federalism as it was written into our constitution.

News outlets have been saying that the Supreme Court "struck down the Constitutional right to abortion."

Actually, there never was a Constitutional right to abortion, that was the problem.

Here is what the court decided and why.

America is a Republic. 50 separate countries that meet in Washington DC to work as a cooperative.

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Under our constitution, the federal government is to have only a few numbered powers, or, enumerated powers.

If a power is not listed in the Constitution as a federal power then that power is left to the states to decide, or the individual.

The decision to make abortion legal or illegal is not listed as a federal power.

Therefore it is up to the state to decide if it is legal, legal with restrictions, or illegal.

That is what the court decided.

Here is what the decision means for Wyoming:

Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media
Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media

Abortion is NOT illegal in Wyoming... YET!

Gov. Mark Gordon must certify the Supreme Court’s decision after the state attorney general completes a review and report, of which the state has 30 days to do so.

In early 2022 Wyoming passed a “trigger law” banning most abortions.

Wyoming has mostly, but totally, banned abortion.

The new law goes into effect in about 30 days, as of the writing of this article.

Wyoming’s trigger ban makes abortions punishable by up to 14 years in prison except if the mother's life is in danger, rape, and incest.

Anyone who wants to get an abortion for any other reason will have to go to Colorado, as one option, where they did not implement such a ban.

If the people of Wyoming should ever decide that they do not like Wyoming's abortion law then they can work to change it.

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