Recently protesters marched the streets of New York City demanding an end to the usage of all "fossil fuels" NOW!

1) There is no such thing as a "Fossil Fuel"

(Click this link to find out why) If you want to be accurate, call them "Organic Fuels."

2) Be careful what you wish for

I hate to break it to you but there is no way to build wind turbines, solar panels, or electric cars without the use of coal and petroleum.

Organics like coal and petroleum are actually essential to their production.

Still, some people want to eliminate ALL organic fuels.

FINE- let's see what that would look like.

Hello, horse and buggy!

You are walking or going back to the days of the horse and carriage. Even today's peddle power bikes use petroleum in their production.

No more electricity 

Remember, you can't create wind turbines and solar panels without coal and petroleum. Without electricity say goodbye to our beloved electronic devices, including your computer, cell phone, and TV. No refrigeration. Most people in hospitals would DIE without electricity. This is a long list of things we would have to do without.

Plastics Goods

Goodbye to most of your favorite household items. Paint, medicine, machines, pens, etc would disappear. In essence, without oil, we would be immediately thrust into not only an economic depression worse than the Great Depression but we’d be thrust back into the Middle Ages.

FACE IT - we will have to live like the AMISH!

Eating will look different

Grocery stores will close. You will have to go back to growing your own food. That may sound great. UNTIL YOU TRY IT!  And the food is going to have to be fresh since there won’t be refrigeration either. It was hard on the land, back when every human had to clear out at least 40 archers to feed a family. Today, thanks to organic fuels produce far more on far less land. That's a much lower impact on the environment.

Drinking too

All of the drinking water that comes out of your tap is filtered water in order to remove contaminants and impurities. Organic fuels filter our water, bringing it into our homes and protecting us from illnesses and death from drinking contaminated water.

Time to move!

The last of the basic needs that we’ve covered (food, water, and shelter), you can expect to go back to tent living. Almost every part of your home is made either from petroleum products themselves, such as your asphalt shingles or made from products that require gas-powered or electric power to produce, such as your wood framing and steel reinforcement beams. Northern Oilfield Services believes that most of us prefer our nice heated homes over tents and caves.

So you want to go back to living in the Dark Ages, do you?

How will you make food?

You'll have to burn something to cook your food. That creates far more pollution than how we do it today it is a lot less healthy.

Get ready for cold winters and scorching summers

You'll be burning wood to keep warm. So many people doing that is really bad for the environment. It's much better for the planet the way we climate control our homes today. In the summer people will die from heat exhaustion.

By the way, the life expectancy of the average person before the use of coal, gas, and oil was about 31 years old, on average. Today humans live to an average age of 77. It's typical to see healthy people well into their 80s. That is directly due to the use of organic fuels.


Solar cells are a petroleum and coal product, so solar energy would not exist. Bio-fuels rely on oil, which would not exist. Nuclear power needs petroleum products that make nuclear energy possible. The creation of wind turbines is also not possible without petroleum.

If those climate protesters want to go back to living medieval, let them.

I'll stay in our modern times, thank you very much.

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