Recently California passed a new law regarding eating road kill. There are still some rules - but for the most part, it is okay to scrape it and grill it.

If, when I mention California, you picture a bunch of major cities and wonder where that road kill would come from, just remember that most of the state is open land and mountains.

So why is it that California allows the consumption of road kill, but Wyoming and Nevada do not?

According to the state of Nevada, most of their rules stem from the worry that someone might be trying to cover up poaching. At to the Wyoming Game and Fish website, you will find a similar concern.

Many other states allow scraping and grilling, but you'll need a "salvage permit" so they come and have a look first. I guess they are checking for tire marks.

Will Wyoming ever permit the practice of eating fresh road kill? I mean, if you just hit it, and you know it's fine, why not?

We all know that in most cases it happens and either no one know about it or no one is saying anything, despite the law.

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