If you ever see a mountain goat licking your car, don't panic. Ok, well THIS is a new one...apparently there are mountain goats running rampant and licking cars in the higher elevations of Colorado (yep, you can't make this stuff up).

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, this behavior, while not considered "normal" isn't something that is completely unnatural. Mountain goats have quite the hankering for salty stuff so they like to lick salt off of car tires...not often, but if they REALLY have a craving then there is a pretty solid possibility you could see a mountain goat heading toward your car to get a little salty snack.

CPW reminds you that if you do encounter a mountain goat or any other wild animal, to keep your distance, give it plenty of space and respect, and to never feed an animal. (Unless it's just salt on your car tires...you can't really do much about that one)

In closing, another fun fact about mountain goats is that they are extremely attracted to human urine. So the next time you're high up in the mountains and you have to pee...there's a little something to think about. I know I do EVERY single time I pee because, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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