Two shoplifters attempt a grab-and-go in Colorado.

They were dubbed the “KitchenAid Mixer Crew,” after the pricey kitchen appliance they tried to make off with.

They were caught.

Prosecutors said the items stolen totaled $2,094.98

In Colorado, as in a few other states, they do not have enough prosecutors and court time to go after everyone.

So if shoplifters take $2000 or under, they are released.

But these guys were over that $2000 limit by $94.98.

So there they are, in front of the judge.

What is their defense attorney to do?

This is where it gets good.

“The legal argument by the defense was that these two individuals basically stole merchandise that was on sale, and if you took the sale price, it would fall below the $2,000 threshold required for a Class 6 felony conviction,” said Eric Ross, spokesperson for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Did you just roll your eyes and laugh?

Don't worry, the judge did too.

“It was our position,” consistent with state law and Colorado case law, “that in order to determine the value of the items on the date of taking, one must consider the sale price, which is evidence of the retail price (what a seller is willing to accept, and a buyer is willing to pay) also known as fair market value,” Mr. Ramunda said in an email…

The judge said that sales prices do not matter, nor do coupons or BOGO!

The two men will do some jail time for their crimes. But frankly, not enough time to convince them to give up a life of crime.

You've got to admit, that was a clever attempt by their lawyer.

But, in the end, all it resulted in was a good laugh for the judge.

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