It's summer. Let's all get out of the city and go to YELLOWSTONE! Wyoming must be SO DIFFERENT!

I guess people from big cities must think that traffic is like that everywhere on the planet. The reason they think that is because they bring that traffic with them everywhere they go.


Sounds fine, but if everyone does that at the same time then the traffic in Yellowstone will look just like the traffic they just left.

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Perhaps the only difference is that here in Wyoming a bison might just decide to lay down and take a nap in the middle of the road.

ViralHog via YouTube
ViralHog via YouTube

Then there are those who love to get out of their cars to take photos of napping bison and anything else they see.

Just like in a big city they all have trouble finding a parking spot. When they do find a spot sometimes they have to pay for it. It seems there is a fee for everything.

A very full parking area. All copyright material removed.

Then they get in long lines to go see the sights.

Long lines at the restaurants and restrooms.

Why does everything cost so much? I usually call this "tourist prices." Mostly I think we charge as much as we can to make those big-city folk feel at home. Everything is a lot more expensive in the city.

gas prices
Twity1, Getty Images

Rude people are everywhere. They are not from Wyoming. They are from other cities where other rude people live. This, once again, makes someone from the big city think that Wyoming is just like anywhere else. Except we have fluffy cows.

YUP! When everybody from the big city comes to the same corner of Wyoming at once, Wyoming becomes just like a big city.

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