Broken wind turbine blades buried at the Casper Landfill? That's the case according to a post on Wyoming Citizens For Accountability on Face Book.

The life expectancy of a wind turbine is about 25 years. After that they can either be retooled or taken down.

The state of Wyoming was one of the first to implement regulations to make sure the state did not have the problem of dead abandoned wind turbines. California, for example, has entire fields of them.

In Wyoming, companies erecting turbines must put money aside in bonds for clean up. Should the company go bankrupt the money will be available for the state to withdraw for that clean up.

When a turbine is taken down several things will happen to it. The land must be restored. Some of the components will be recycled. The toxic waste components must be carefully dealt with. The blades will most likely be buried in a landfill.

The video - above - shows how taking a turbine down works.

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