The Denver Broncos fanbase has to be excited for the upcoming 2022 season. Yes, there was a fire at Mile High Stadium a few weeks back, which was unexpected. However, no one was hurt and aside from that, there has been plenty of things to be excited about for the upcoming season. Denver has their franchise quarterback and a young receiving corps that's expected to do some great things. But just how is the team doing financially?

A recent financial forecast has come through for all the NFL teams through the year 2025, as researched through So just how are the Denver Broncos doing as of right now, and heading forward?

Let's keep in mind that it was just back in the 2015 season (February 2016) when the Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Not many teams can say they have a Super Bowl in the past decade, so despite recently losing years, the tradition, along with having a traditional solid defense have Bronco fans with high expectations now that they have solidified their quarterback position with future hall of famer Russell Wilson along with their coming of age wide receiver corps.

That being said, the team that is predicted to remain as the wealthiest team in the league is the Dallas Cowboys. I know, you're probably wondering how a team that has only three playoff wins over the past 25 years can be doing so well financially. It likely has to do with their wealthy owner. For now, just go with it. They were valued at $1.022 billion. By 2025, they are expected to be worth $1.179 billion. The New England Patriots came in 2nd on the list at $632 million, which is a far cry from first, especially with having won six Super Bowls since 2001, but it gives a better idea of how many bandwagon fans there are out there. The San Francisco 49ers made 3rd on the list at $541 million. We're sensing tradition is becoming a theme here. But what about Denver?

The Broncos came in at 13th on the list at they are projected to bring in $476 million this year and for the 2025 season, $533 million. They also climbed a couple spots from being 15th just a year ago. Given their tough division in the AFC West, if they have a successful season after the position upgrades they have made, perhaps they could climb into the top 10.

Or you could be like my team, the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams (fan for almost 30 years), that have jumped from 22nd in revenue last year to 11th in the league this year. Apparently that is what a Super Bowl Championship does.

Then again, what does winning really have to do with it? I'll save that argument for another time, but the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals are 29th in the league in terms of revenue. I'm guessing the tradition of losing before the Joe Burrow regime took over had lots to do with that. Then beneath them, it was the Indianapolis Colts (haven't been the same since Peyton Manning), Detroit Lions (no more Matthew Stafford so no chance), and Los Angeles Chargers (no real home city since they moved from San Diego and want them back) who finished dead last. So not all that much of a surprise really.

But hey, Denver Broncos are ranked 13th. That's not too shabby. Maybe it will be that much better since it's the first time since Peyton Manning that they have actually had a decent quarterback. Time will tell Broncos fans. Good luck this season!

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