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For the second time in three years, Major League Baseball looks headed to a shortened campaign.

In 2020, COVID-19 wreaked havoc with all sports, and MLB had to adjust, playing in “bubbles” to crown the Los Angeles Dodgers World Series champions.

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This time, it is a lockout by the owners that have brought the game to a halt. With no agreement in place as of February 4, it seems likely that the exhibition schedule will be affected. The longer the lockout goes, the more chance regular-season games will have to be moved or canceled.

But there WILL be baseball at some point (there has to be, right?)

So, which teams have the best odds coming into the 2022 campaign to bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy as World Series champions?

Here are the latest odds, as of early Feb. 2022, for all 30 teams to win the World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers: +650

New York Yankees: +900

Houston Astros: +950

New York Mets: +1000

Toronto Blue Jays: +1200

Chicago White Sox: +1200

San Diego Padres: +1400

Tampa Bay Rays: +1500

Milwaukee Brewers: +1500

Atlanta Braves: +1500

Boston Red Sox: +2000

St. Louis Cardinals: +2200

San Francisco Giants: +2500

Los Angeles Angels: +3000

Seattle Mariners: +3500

Philadelphia Phillies: +3500

Detroit Tigers +4000

Oakland Athletics: +6000

Minnesota Twins: +8000

Miami Marlins: +8000

Cincinnati Reds: +8000

Cleveland Guardians: +8000

Texas Rangers: +9000

Kansas City Royals: +9000

Washington Nationals: +10000

Chicago Cubs: +10000

Colorado Rockies: +15000

Baltimore Orioles: +15000

Arizona Diamondbacks: +20000

Pittsburgh Pirates: +25000

When (If?) the new collective bargaining agreement is signed, will anything change in regards to small-market teams winning titles?

You do not have to go back too far to see small market clubs making noise: of course, Tampa Bay made the World Series in 2020, and won the A.L. East in 2021, ahead of the mighty Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays. Kansas City went to two-straight World Series, in 2014 and 2015, winning the latter against the Mets.

But in all honesty, you can cross more than half the teams off the list before the season begins. Even the defending champion Braves are 10th choice right now (+1500) at Caesars sportsbook: but baseball does have a habit of throwing up surprises, like Atlanta in 2021, Tampa in 2020, and Washington in 2019.

I think it is really tough to look at most teams in those futures odds, especially if you take advantage of some of these free bets. You have to think the LA Dodgers are going to be dominant again, and if you think the Giants take a step back, you would have to like LA even more. I think San Diego (+1400) could be good this season, after such a disappointing end to 2021. It was a weird year for the Padres, with COVID-19 and injuries.

In the American League, I just do not understand why the Yankees continue to get such good odds to start the season, other than the fact they are a national team with big money bettors behind them. Every Yankees fan I talk to or interact with on social media thinks this team will struggle again, and both Tampa and Toronto are very good. Both of those teams should be getting move love, and of course, Houston. One team that I think could make a big jump is Seattle, and you can get very good odds on the Mariners.

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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