I was driving through Cheyenne Wyoming on a beautiful summer day when I saw this pink car in front of me and a ponytail waving in the wind.

She was dressed for the era that the car was built in and her looks matched as well. It was as if she and the car were meant to be together.

She was at the wheel and some lucky guy was next to her with a big smile on his face.

We pulled up next to them and like a couple of idiots my friend and I rolled down the window and started calling out. I was trying to get into the best position so he could take some pictures.

The couple laughed and waved back. Then I let them drive on ahead of us, just to watch them pull away.

She was not hard to find on Facebook and as it turns out she is very easy to talk to.

So, who is the Wyoming girl in that hot pink car?

Allow me to introduce you to AUBREE & EDITH.

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