Just a word of advice before we get started. If you are visiting San Francisco and you see a book titled, "Who Pooped In The Park," DO NOT BUY IT! 

But this is Wyoming, and you are in Yellowstone National Park.

Watch your step. These are animals, and I don't mean the tourists that poop anywhere they want.

So if you come across some little turd-looking things you might be curious as to who was just there.

According to the review at Thrift Books:

Hanna May via Unsplash
Hanna May via Unsplash

Watch where you step! Sometimes the animals in Yellowstone National Park are hard to find but you can almost always find their poop!

Come along with Michael, Emily, and their family as they find poop (scat) and footprints (tracks) and discover which animal made them!

Who Pooped in the Park? Yellowstone National Park is an ideal tool for teaching young children about animal behavior, diet, and scats and tracks identification' it's the perfect companion for in the car or in the field on your next trip to Yellowstone.

Fun illustrations of the animals and their scat and tracks supplement the charming story, and a quick-reference chart at the back will make field identification a breeze

Inna Reznik
Inna Reznik

This book might also come in handy if you look at some fresh poop and realized that it's a bear or a mountain lion. If you see that then look for which way the footprints when and go the other way.

Where were books like this when we were kids? Not only do they teach kids but it's the perfect way to gross out our parents.

I wonder who had to draw the poop. That must have been a fun job.

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