There are several interesting books about Wyoming geology that you can read while crossing the state of Wyoming.

A good idea to keep these recourses handy if you find yourself wondering how the Earth made that strange landscape thingy you're looking at.

Now, in honor of Yellowstone National Park's 150th anniversary, the Wyoming Geological Survey released a new map explaining roadside geology when traveling to Yellowstone.

As the title shows, IT'S NOT JUST YELLOWSTONE!

Smithsonian Channel via YouTube
Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

The map covers points of interest across the entire state.

These are many of the best of Wyoming's wonders.

No matter which way you drive toward Yellowstone you'll see explanations on the map as to what you are looking at.

That includes the entrances off of Interstate 90, east on Interstate 80, and then north, or heading north on Interstate 25.

Man using smartphone

This is an interactive map that you can use from your phone, saving the trouble of paper maps. Just follow this link to get there.

Wyoming Geological Survey's Christina George said the map tries to highlight the geologic wonders of the state.

The routes are circled and color-coded to make them easier to follow.

"[From] dinosaur tracks that we highlight in one part of the state, there's interesting canyons, there's Fossil Butte," said George. "There's just a lot of remarkable geology in Wyoming." (Wyoming Public Media).

Canyon River
Overland Uncharted via YouTube

Each geological stop goes into detail about the science of how the location came to be. While the map is targeted toward visitors to Yellowstone National Park, George said locals could use it to learn more about their surroundings, too. (Wyoming Public Media).

Not everyone wants to spend all of their time at the tourist sites. Some people are interested in the science behind what made the weird wonders of Wyoming. Now we have a new and interesting travel aid.

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