Thanks to Bill Manns, we have these wonderful pictures of.... what exactly?

Looks like some artists spent time-bending grass around fence wiring to make these fantastic patterns.

In this case, the artist was mother nature.

Just take some heavy winds and some cut hay and here you are. I mean really heavy winds. Oh, and you'll need a write fence too.

"Mother nature, the basket weaver," Bill writes.

"Wind-blown blades of dry grass are trapped in a wire fence, creating what looks like a massive art piece or weaving."

I'm still trying to figure out how long the wind had to blow how much grass and at what speed for it to make what we are looking at here.


How did the wind start this? A strand or two getting trapped and stranding other strands? Did it start with clumps of grass trapping smaller blades? I'd like to see some time lapse of the process.

Maybe the next question should be, and how do we clean the fence of all of this?

Maybe if we just let the cows at it they will eventually chew it all away. Perhaps a prairie fire will burn it out for us.

But then again do we really want this to go away so soon?  Frankly, I could stare at this all day.


In the photos below you'll see what happens when wind sends hundreds of miles of tumbleweeds across the west. Fencing gets in the way and the result, while not as beautiful as this crass-covered fencing, is interesting.

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