If you're new to Wyoming, it's good to remember that a moose is rarely intimidated. If you'd like proof, there's video of a moose that decided to charge a train.

This video was shared by a train conductor who described the moose who stood in the middle of the tracks and was not moving anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the moose began moving toward the train which was stopped. Spoiler Alert: when the moose retreats a few times, he's not retreating. He's moving back to get a run in case he decides charging is in order.

Here's what the conductor said about his Bullwinkle encounter:

I nearly hit this moose with my train and then he proceeds to charge at me.

The good news for the train is the moose finally decided the big iron horse wasn't worth his time to fight, so he retreated into the woods eventually.

This reminds me of a story from earlier this year where a moose had become stuck on train tracks that had to be saved with a crane.

Well done by this train engineer for having mercy on this animal who didn't understand why something bigger than him was encroaching on his wild part of America.

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