It all started in Sweetwater County, Wyoming- so blame them.

You might remember the story, a few years back a man in Sweetwater county was caught doing unspeakable things to a horse. The owner of the property suspected something was up when he kept finding the gate open. He put cameras up. What he found shocked him.

The guy committing the acts was caught, but the police had to let him go. There was no law against what he was doing to those horses.

I'm sure you are wondering about that last part. Why not animal abuse as a charge? Apparently that charge does not fit here.

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By the way- Wyoming is one of only four states nationwide with no laws regarding sexual assault of animals.

Enter Sen. R.J. Kost (R-Powell). She has has co-sponsored House Bill 46, that would make, whatever that guy was doing, illegal.

“I’m a little uncomfortable talking about it,” said Kost, a horse owner. “But sometimes you have to make a law.” (Cody Enterprise).

If the passes the penalty would include a $1000 fine and some jail time.

Actually, I'd like a more creative rout, like posting the perps' picture all over Wyoming so he has no choice but to leave the state out of shame.

When it comes to getting the law out of committee and on to the floor for a vote, I'm not sure if anyone in the Wyoming house or senate would care to be the one opposed to it. Any objection would be met with curious and suspicious looks.

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