Wyoming hosts several big rodeos every summer.

Those are not one-day events. They last for an entire week.

That's a lot of animals in the same small area for a very long time.

So what the heck happens with all that animal waste?

They create truckloads of it every day.

Most of us have never had to deal with it so we never think of it.

Workers have to clear the arena, the pens around the arena, and everywhere that animals stand waiting to join in the show.

All that poop is shovelled by hand and machine several times a day.

They make sure to clean up those wet urine spots too. That ammonia smell can get so bad it will literally knock people out.

What happens next?

Where does it go?

Typically it's all loaded into massive dumpsters, just like the kind you would throw your trash in, and hauled off.

In ranching and farming, nothing goes to waste.

Some of this animal waste is mixed with wood chips and other natural materials to make mulch that farmers love to dump on their fields.

They take what they can't use to the landfill and spread it.

But don't worry, this is a good thing.

Modern landfills are good for the planet. Many of them end up as parks and golf courses after they are full.

All of that waste, including the animal poop, breaks down and makes some of the best soil in the region.

So, you see, all that yucky poop and pee from Rodeos goes to good use.

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