If you visit the website Dark Sky, or use their app, you'll find many places in Wyoming where the stargazing is some of the best in the world. But those places are shrinking as wind farms spread across the land. 

Each turbine tower has red lights to warn airplanes at night. The more these wind farms grow the more lights blink across the horizon at night.

I came across a short video and some words by Wyoming resident Katy Cotton on her FaceBook page. The wind farms near her place were over 10 miles away, but they were all around her in every direction. No matter which direction she look she saw rows of blinking lights. She wondered how bad it must be for those people living directly under them.

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I thought it was kind of pretty the first time I saw a group of wind turbine lights blinking at night, way off in the distance. But those lights are beginning to fill the landscape. The night is filling with blinking red dots.

This is a much different view than back in the days when maybe a couple of towers from a power plant and maybe a radio station or two blinked in the black night air.

Most folks in Wyoming like living far away from the city lights. They like to see the stars at night. A few red dots blinking on the horizon would be considered worth putting up with. But as you can see in the video below, these turbine lights are making Wyoming's open land look like a city at night.

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