Will all the wind turbines going up around Wyoming you might think that people who call themselves environmentalists would be upset about how bad these contraptions are for the environment.

They ignore all of the pitfalls and claim these things are pure green and good.

In this story, we will focus on just one of many problems with planting archers of wind turbines.


The first time a company was cited for killing birds was near Casper, Wyoming. The turbine took a golden eagle.

Killing bald and golden eagles without a federal permit violates the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which prohibits— killing, capturing, selling, trading, or transporting — of protected migratory bird species.

Afraid that being fined for each bird killed might put the industry out of business, a plea was made to the Obama administration.

The Obama administration began giving out permits allowing for bird kills. Something any other energy industry will never get.

Last week a company was cited for killing 150 birds across the west, including in Wyoming. Some of those birds were eagles.

The subsidiary, ESI Energy, was ordered by a federal judge in Cheyenne to pay more than $8 million in fines and restitution, spend up to $27 million on mitigation measures during a five-year probationary period and pay an additional $29,623 per bald or golden eagle killed or injured during that time. (Laramie Boomerang). 

The company would have gotten away with it but they failed to file a permit to allow their turbines to kill birds.

Remember, everything is dangerous and immoral until you fill out the paperwork and give the government money. After that, it's suddenly magically okay.

If this had happened at an oil well or a coal mine, what do you think the government would have done?

Imagine the media outrage.

Imagine the outrage from so-called environmental groups.

Let's face it, wind and solar, which were never good for the environment for a long list of other reasons, get a pass where coal, gas, and oil do not.


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