Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 21st) marks the first day of Winter. Yes, it's winter everywhere throughout the U.S. But not only that, but it will also be the shortest day of the year. No, it's not going to be 23 hours and 59 minutes or anything like that. But we will get the least amount of daylight as we have had in all of 2021, as is what happens with every winter solstice.

Sunrise on Tuesday is at 7:21 a.m. and sunset will be at 4:33 p.m. There's a high in the low 50s expected, but it's unlikely anyone working until 5 p.m. will get to experience it since most of us will be leaving work when it's already dark outside. And to sprinkle a little more dread on to Tuesday, there are High Wind Warnings in effect for southeast Wyoming.

So it is very well possible that if you find that time is flying by tomorrow, it's really not, but you definitely are losing daylight faster than any other day of the year.

At some point tomorrow, someone you know will likely say, "It got dark really early today." They won't be wrong. Be sure to make the most of your daylight hours while you can. And even though 50s are expected tomorrow, and the next two days, the forecast beyond that drops off ever slow slightly for temps going into the 40s, then to the 30s as the holiday weekend progresses.

While this seems like a gloomy article that's very Debbie Downer-ish, it's more of a warning that Winter is coming! No, not the White Walkers from 'Game of Thrones', but colder temps and perhaps some wintry precipitation may be in our future. For the most part, we have lucked out in terms of December temps aside from a few very brisk days. Prepare yourselves as the coldest season has hit, southeast Wyoming. Happy Winter, everyone!

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