Woman Claims She Can Fold Fitted Sheets Photo By Glenn Woods
Woman Claims She Can Fold Fitted Sheets Photo By Glenn Woods

You will see this mind blowing trick in the video below.

Is it a camera trick? (who knows with today's high-tech CGI effects)

Is she a magician who is pulling a simple illusion right before our eyes? Maybe. Perhaps we can ask other magicians to solve the trick and expose her.

Is she a witch? Most likely.

Her name is Sherry. During a camping trip I was on with her she outright claimed, in front of everyone, that she could fold a fitted sheet - and then actually acted as if it was no big deal. Naturally, being a friend, I called her a liar, to her face, and demanded she prove it. Being a friend of mine, she called me a jerk and said she would.

A little while later, I received this video where, it appears, she is successfully folding a fitted sheet.

I've watched this thing about a hundred times. You watch it and tell me if you can see something that I missed.

I think the biggest clue to this OBVIOUS FRAUD is that, toward the end, it looks like she has completely blown it, but then, suddenly, the sheet is squared off in her hands. I mean, POOF - there it is. 

I've tried to replicate this illusion by doing everything she does in the video and for the life of me -- I'm convinced that this woman is a witch.

Judge for yourself by watching the video below.

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