Don't play around train tracks.

Don't put stuff on train tracks.

The video below IS FAKE!

So what? It's HYSTERICAL!

They take what might happen if you were to place something on a railroad track to an extreme.

Honestly, you have NO IDEA how extreme until you watch the video.

These special effects are AWESOME!

Train crash animation made in Blender by Landon.

A lot of what Landon used are simple effects that can be found online using the special effects website, BLENDER.

All he had to do was drop the SFX he wanted into the video in the order that he wanted it to happen.

Just a few years ago a video like this would have cost millions by a Hollywood studio.

Today, we can do it all online.

I have to give this young man a lot of credit for his comedic timing.

attachment-Train Explode FX

The camera angles, along with when he speeds up, slows down, and even pauses the video was perfectly timed for the best audience reaction.

Today, anyone can create a Hollywood-style movie with special effects.

With AI now joining us to help we soon won't be able to tell the difference between a professional edit job and one done by Hollywood pros.

Some young people, like the one who created this video, might have a career making movies.

But in most cases, people are producing stuff like this for the fun of it.

It's not even expensive to do anymore. Nor is it time-consuming.

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