AddArmor out of Jackson, Wyoming created a monster with the Audi APR RS7 as the world's fastest armored car, according to Classic Cars.

The Audi RS7 brings a whole new dynamic for armored cars and going fast, rather than the slow, heavy SUV's. AddArmor used a lightweight combat-proven polycarbonate armor panel for this car, making it 10x stronger but 60% less weight than the ballistic steel normally used. The armor paneling only adds an extra 200 lbs to the vehicle.

This car is a level B4 on the European Committee for Standardization Ballistic Levels, it can withstand a bullet from a 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, and a .44 Magnum. It is the fastest armored car because it can get up to 202mph. It has a special performance package engine in it giving the car 760 horsepower and the torque is 800 pound-feet.

The car also features door handles that either sprays out pepper spray or electrocute, the rear lights are designed to temporarily blind someone, and onboard gas masks and air tanks for fresh air. Check out the video to see all the features.

If you would like one of these it will only cost you $205,000. A little more pricey than the stock model which is $28,000.

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