When the Wyoming state capital building began renovations, several offices, including the governor's, needed to be temporally moved.

Matt Mead was governor at the time. He was the butt of some jokes, and I'm sure he told a few of his own, when he moved the office across the street to a beautiful old house that, for a time, was a funeral home. That grand old house is located on the corner of Carey and 24th st. It used to be the location for Schrader Funeral Home.

There was a beautiful little red brick carriage house behind the old place that actually belongs to the Charles L. Beatty House. Apparently, when the funeral home took over, the carriage house was used to display the bodies and provide a space for the families to grieve. That little building was cleverly, and tastefully, transformed into a room for press conferences where the governor could officially sign important items in front of the cameras.

Back when Matt Mead was still governor, Mark Gordon teased him, "Well, you can make that place your office if you want. It's your funeral."

Not everything was ready when the capital reopened so incoming Governor Mark Gordon had to remain in the creepy old location for a bit longer.

I don't recall any big announcement for special ceremonies - but apparently on the 19th of December, the Wyoming Governor's office was moved back across the street to the capital. The only way I found out about it was when I went browsing the governor's website looking for news.

From the top of the Governor's webpage - The Governor's Office has moved! As of December 19, the Office of the Governor is now located in the East Wing of the State Capitol. We ask for your patience as our staff transitions into our new space.

I wonder if the ghosts in that old home across the street are sorry to see the governor and staff leave, or are they happy the place is finally empty again?

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