Wyoming lawmakers are meeting right now in the house and senate to try and figure out how to make due without the finical cash cow that has funded the state for such a long time. Some hard decisions are being made.

I see this as a good thing.

If we take an honest look around the nation we can see big mistakes made by other states that have left them in ruin. These same states want to fix their problems by doubling and even tripling down on what ruined them in the first place.

Let's take a look at a shortlist of mistakes these states have made.

1). Bloated government- both in power and bureaucracy.

2). Deficit spending.

3). Too many taxes and high taxes, plus constantly raising taxes.

4). Strangling and controlling the free market in everything from retail to manufacturing and energy.

5). Expanding Medicaid among other ways of wrecking the health care industry.

Again, this is the shortlist.

When times were good Wyoming was slowly beginning to make these same mistake and more. Every year the size of city, country and state governments grew as did their power and, excessive spending habits and waste.

I'm not sure that many Wyoming lawmakers get it, to the full extent that they should. There are still programs that they can't seem to bring themselves to get rid of. They still see government as a cash cow and a way to solve all of societies problems. But at least this money crises that the state is in is forcing them to make some hard decisions and move in the opposite direction as those other states that continue to wreck themselves with failed policies.

Wyoming lawmakers should not look at what other states have and think, "we need that too." They should look and understand that the reason those states are failing is precisely because of the long list of things they should not have and should not be doing. Let's start by getting rid of those two expensive cooperate jets the state has. We don't even need one.

The pathway to a successful Wyoming is less government intrusion into our lives, our property, our business. Not more.

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