You can live in a state, or city, where your job will earn you far more than you'll make in Wyoming.

But by the time you take out taxes, government fees, and the cost of bureaucracy, you won't have much left.

Move to Wyoming and you'll make less money, but you'll be able to keep more of it. (Unless you live in Jackson).

Wyoming has some of the lowest pollution levels in the country, and the state was recently ranked second in the country's Well-Being Index.

With a median salary of $65,003 and a median home price of $250,890, it's easy to start a new life here.

It's also easy to move up the ladder and make more money if a person is so inclined to work hard for it.

That makes retiring in Wyoming much easier. Money goes farther here so retirement income can be stretched out over many more years.

Living in Wyoming is much less stressful and less complicated than in the more crowded states.

There are a few inconveniences.

But that's the price of living with less crime, little pollution, lower taxes, less congestion- you get the idea.

So, it really is a trade-off.

Do you want to make more money, but keep less of it, for the tradeoff of having everything you need nearby?

Or would you rather make less money, but keep more off it, for the tradeoff of living where everything is much farther away?

Wyoming maintains its simple lifestyle by keeping its government small and life simple.

New people moving into Wyoming to take advantage of these benefits are asked to keep Wyoming the way it is.


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