As of 4am, Sunday, 12/01/19, most Wyoming road conditions show just a little improvement.

But still, most everything is either closed or it is advised that you only travel if it is an emergency only.

Gusting winds are now blowing and drifting the heavy amounts of snow that blanketed the state on Saturday.

I-25 is closed from Cheyenne to Casper. From Casper to Montana you should only drive it if you have an emergency.

1-80 across Wyoming is closed.

I-90 No unnecessary travel.

Highway 59 Douglas to Gillette, closed.

The town of Midwest is boxed in with Hwy 387 and 1007 no unnecessary travel.

Near Lusk - Hwy 18,  270, are closed. 85 North of Lusk is closed, South of Lusk is closed. Hwy 20 heading East of Lusk is closed

Hwy 26 from Fort Laramie to Torrington is closed.

Hwy 26 from Casper to Shoshomi is no unnecessary travel.

All roads in and out of Riverton, no unnecessary travel.

All roads West and North of Riverton, no unnecessary travel.

All Roads in and out of Muddy Gap, 287, 789, 220 no unnecessary travel.

To keep up with these changing conditions, WYDOT has an interactive map.

Use the Wake Up Wyoming App to keep up to date.

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