Let's face it, network news is not even news anymore. Many people are dissatisfied with what has become opinion talk television rather than non-bias reporting and journalism.

That means there is a business opportunity for anyone who wants to bring back actual unbiased news.

Enter Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Joe Ricketts of Jackson Hole Wyoming.

In his latest venture, he has chosen Omaha as the place to start a new TV network to cover just news- actual news, no opinion.

Ricketts is hiring staff now. The name might need a little work... He plans to call it Straight Arrow News. He might need to hire a consultant or two on that one, it's just not catchy.

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“I think there’s a gap in the market — there’s no source for unbiased, fact-based news. And I believe there’s a business opportunity there,” he said in an interview with the Omaha World Herold. “Some people say you can’t have unbiased news. I want to prove them wrong with Straight Arrow News,”

Online job advertisements have appeared for video editor, senior producer, news reporter, and motion graphics designer/producer positions at Straightarrownews.com.

The Straightarrownews.com website is currently up and running as a news website only with much more to come.

“I’ve built my career on the idea that a good business is one that serves an unmet customer need,” he said. “The market (now) is only giving them polarized, opinionated coverage. I think people will see there is an approach to news — news without bias — that is going to feel like a breath of fresh air,” he said.

Joe Ricketts is also a leading funder of national conservative publication based in Wyoming.

In 2004, Ricketts founded High Plains Bison, a retailer of natural bison meat. In addition to online and offline sales channels, High Plains Bison is the official bison vendor at Chicago's Wrigley Field.[18] Some of the bison are raised on a Wyoming ranch owned by Ricketts. A four-bedroom lodge named The Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch is located on the same property.

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