Three candidates are officially running for the U.S. House Of Representatives in the state of Wyoming. The incumbent, Liz Cheney, State Representative Chuck Gray, and State Senator Anthony Bouchard.

Those who want Liz Cheney gone are worried that the other two candidates in the fight will split the vote among them, giving Cheney the win. But neither Gray nor Bouchard are willing to step aside. 

I have an idea. Let's settle this old Wyoming style, with a bare-knuckle fistfight down at the old saloon. Ideas from listeners began flooding in as soon as I suggested it on air.

Which old Wyoming Saloon? The suggestions were The Bunk House in Gilcrist Wyoming. Maybe the old bar in The Occidental Saloon in Buffalo. The Corner Bar, also known as "The Bitches Bar" in Lingle was suggested, but I think that place might be too small.

One lady suggested they meet out by the coal mines and oil rigs in Gillette, surrounded by pickup trucks with their headlights on.

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I like the idea of clearing the arena during Frontier Days in Cheyenne and letting them go at it in front of the entire audience.

We can sell tickets and charge people to watch online. The money raised goes to the winning candidate's campaign fund.

It was suggested that we let Liz Cheney into the fight at watch the three go at it. Maybe even invite more people to run and have a massive brawl for the GOP nomination. Wait, come to think of it, I'm the one who suggested that last one.

Whatever we do, we need to portray a traditional Wyoming image of cowboy boots and hats, a smoke-filled room, and lots of guns shooting into the ceiling with whooping and hollering. That will make anyone from a Democrat state think twice about moving here. 

I'm sending the poster, below, to the candidates and the Wyoming GOP to see if I can get them on board with this WONDERFUL idea. Let's face it, in the back of everybody's mind we really would like to see this happen.

There are many great bars and saloons across Wyoming where we could hold this match. Please have a look at the list below and send us your suggestions.

What sort of match do you think we can talk the Wyoming Democrats into?

Fight For Nomination Art By Tim Mandese
Fight For Nomination Art By Tim Mandese

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