When someone makes a prediction that is so bad it is laughable, then it does not come true, making it even funnier, you would think that the lesson would be learned and no one would ever do that again.


Before we take a look at the latest prediction, let's go back and look at a famous FAIL from the past.

March 20, 2000, The Independent, a British newspaper, reported that “Snowfalls are just a thing of the past.” Global warming was simply making the UK too warm for heavy snowfalls. The column quotes Dr. David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia — yes, the epicenter of what would become the Climategate scandal — as saying that within a few years snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event.” Indeed, Viner opined, “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” 

Well, that never happened.

Snow-covered trees and mountains, winter
David De Lossy

Fast forward to NOW and I come across this headline:

Wyoming Could Face Multiple Years of Snowless Winters
Eric Galatas, writes, "Wyoming and other western states are projected to see multiple years in a row without any snow as soon as 35 years out if efforts to rein in fossil-fuel emissions fail to meet global targets, according to a new report."

Star Wars - The Mandalorian themed snow creation
WeatherNation via Facebook

"Almost 75% of water use in western states comes from snowpack."

Well, you might want to go outside and explain to your kids what they are seeing. I guess they have NO idea what that white stuff coming out of the sky is.

Now we have this headline from Wyoming Public Media:

Mountain snowpack 'looking promising' after holiday storms
The drought-stricken West breathed a sigh of relief over the holidays as much-needed snow fell across the region. Snowpack levels are now hovering above average from the Rockies to the Sierra Nevadas, according to the National Weather and Climate Center.

happy child girl plaing with a snowman on a snowy winter walk

Even Don Day of Day Weather, who covers the entire region every day on radio stations says that we are coming out of drought as we switch from the La Nina effect into El Nino. On his recent podcasts, he has talked about the good amount of snowpack that we are getting this winter.

While speaking to Don Day he remined me of this headline:

December Snow In Sierra Already Breaking Records, UC Researchers Say:

At Donner Pass in the Sierra, officials with the University of California, Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Laboratory on Monday said recent snowfall has smashed the snowiest December record of 179 inches (4.6 meters), set in 1970. The record is now 193.7 inches (4.9 meters) as more snow is expected. (CBS Sacramento). 

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