Yesterday, while driving home, I saw a dead skunk, SMUSHED right in the center of the lane I was driving in.

It was horrifying.

With traffic coming in the other direction and a fenceline on the other side, I had no choice but to drive right over the top of it.

That's when I discovered something strange: Wyoming dead skunks do not smell as bad as skunks from other states.

It was not as pungent of an aroma and it frankly was not as horrible as I thought it was going to be.

Colorado dead skunk smells like wet hippie

Sing along to the DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD song.

California dead skunk smells like lost souls that have been living on the street too long.

Alabama dead skunk smells like an old trailer park.

Louisiana dead skunk smells like a marsh at low tide. If you don't know that smell it's really bad. You have to experience it. Picture fermented rotten eggs soaking in salt water in the hot sun.

Florida's dead skunk smells like wet old people baking in extreme heat and humidity.

You think Nebraska is flat, you should see how flat a skunk can get on a Nebraska highway.

Chicago dead skunks smell like old mobsters and modern gans had a pool party.

So, what's the difference?

Wyoming skunks have spent their lives eating pure Wyoming grasses, drinking our crystal clear waters, and breathing out wonderful clean air.

They still stink when they die but they just don't smell as bad.

In fact, their Wyoming skunk aroma can be kind of pleasant, in an odd way.

So the next time you see a dead skunk smooshed on a Wyoming road, and you will, roll down those windows and suck in that aroma.

Be glad you didn't run over it in Colorado.

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