Meet Mika.

Look at that expression. It just says "NOPE!"

Mika lives with her owner, Grandpa Rich, in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Early Wednesday morning the temperatures across the state had dropped into the -30s, and in some places lower.

Grandpa rich woke to begin his day and went to the door to let Mika out to pee.

Mika looked at him as if to say, "Yer joking, right?"

Yeah, but she can't pee inside.

Unless maybe he can convince her to use the bathtub or something.

attachment-mika dog wyoming 2

So how long can Mika hold it?

Several times Grandpa Rich offered her a chance to go out and relieve herself.

She chose to hold it.

This went on for HOURS!

Here is a photo of Mika saying "NOPE!"

At some point nature's call was going to catch up and Mike would have to take care of business.

Maybe she was hoping that it would warm up out there, but we all know that there was no chance.

There is no way Mika could hold it until Saturday when Wyoming would finally see temperatures above freezing.


FINALLY! 10 am. Mike gave in and went out to let it loose.

"That was the quickest pee I have ever seen a dog take," Grandpa Rich said.

He was not sure if she actually let it all out.

You have to give her credit.

She knew she could not just pee on the floor of the house.

Though who could blame her if she did?

She held it until she had no choice and still went outside.

That is the definition of a GOOD DOG!

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