The snow has melted away for most of Wyoming.

Where it has melted, in our yards, we can now see the dog poop that had sunk to the bottom of the snow.

How did it get so far down there?

WELL, it turns out there is a scientific explanation for that.

If you love the study of physics then this article is for YOU!

First, there was the dog poop that you did not clean up before it snowed.

Why do it now, when you can put it off until the spring?

Who's going to know? It will be covered in snow for MONTHS!

When it does snow, and you let your pooch out, big steaming piles hit that frozen fluff.

That warmth of the poo allows it to sink down into the snow.

Anything that did not sink all the way will catch the next sunny day and sink deeper.

Dog poop is much darker than snow.

That means the sun will reflect off the snow, keeping it cold.

But the sun will warm the darker POOP hotter than the snow, causing it to melt through.

So now that brown stuff is sinking down to the ground and getting covered by new snow.

You might look outside in the middle of winter and think that you don't have any poop to clean up.


And you know it.

Hidden under all that pure white fluff is your crappy little secrete.

Everybody is going to find out what you've been hiding, as soon as things warm up enough.

When everything goes warm up it's a good idea to get to scooping and throwing away while those brown jewels are still frozen.

Wait until it gets too warm and you'll smell it.


Feeling overwhelmed?

If you live in a big enough town then check your local listings for companies that remove dog poop from your yard.


Casper Wyoming hosts its annual "SCOOP THE POOP" festival.

That's how bad the problem gets.

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

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