What are we calling this? Wyo-Spy-Gate? Sure why not. Everything was named "something-gate" after Water-Gate.

As far as I am concerned this is not a scandal at all. The attempt to "spy" on some Wyoming politicians and political activists was so lame it was laughable. The reaction of those who were "spied on" is even funnier.

I was first told about the alleged Wyoming political spying incident from someone who sent me a New York Times article. That sent up red flags right away. New York Times has a bad reputation as NOT NEWS but Propaganda. NYT also quotes an "unnamed source" as they usually do, which in their case usually means they don't have one.

Putting that aside here is what the NYT alleges happened: 

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The NYT claims that two "spies" Maier and LaRocca infiltrated the Wyoming Democratic and moderates in the Republican Party to try and find anything nefarious.  Apparently, they were working with the investigative reporting group known as Project Veritas and Wyoming Liberty Group.

The New York Times, citing unidentified sources, said the operation was funded by Gore-Tex heiress Susan Gore, who founded the Wyoming Liberty Group. According to the story by Mark Mazetti and Adam Goldman, Maier and LaRocca received training for covert operations at a ranch near Cody owned by Blackwater founder Erik Prince, where Maier’s mother works as a cook. (Cowboy State Daily).

WyoFile, a liberal activist web publication in Wyoming calls it "political espionage."

The liberal website Better Wyoming writes: "Political spies hired by Wyoming Liberty Group founder Susan Gore targeted Better Wyoming in a yearlong covert operation to gather and weaponize information against the organization and its affiliates."

The list goes on of those pretending to be shocked and offended, including former Wyoming Governor David Friedenthal and current Governor Mark Gordon, both quoted in the WyoFile article as were many other notables across the state.


Project Veritas has broken many major scandals that today's fake news media refuses to cover. They do so by infiltration, then, once they are trusted, they see if they can get anyone to talk more than they should their scandalous behavior. Thank the heavens they are out there. Many bad people and organizations have been caught in major scandals and shut down because of Project Veritas.

Project Veritas has successfully sued the NYT. The Court found Project Veritas demonstrated "a substantial basis in law and fact that the Defendants [The New York Times] acted with actual malice, that is, with knowledge that the statements in the Articles were false or made with reckless disregard of whether they were false or not" and Project Veritas should be permitted to "conduct discovery."

Unfortunately the two "spies" they sent to Wyoming... sucked. Pure armatures. Everyone they spoke to pegged them right away for what they were, therefore, nothing was found out.

Let us remember that we are talking Wyoming "Good Ol' Boy's Politics." Might I remind you of Teapot Dome? The Johnson County Wars? And yes there are many modern examples of major scandals in this state as well, including cases of bullying and embezzlement.

I find it HYSTERICAL that every party, person, and organization involved in this are acting so innocent. Sorry- not buying it.

Maybe next time Project Veritas and Wyoming Liberty Group can send a couple of spies that are a tad bit better than Inspector Clouseau.


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