Wyo-Spy-Gate? Well, that is what I am calling it anyway, though I'm sure it's not going to catch on.

The NYT claims that two "spies" infiltrated the Wyoming Democratic and moderates in the Republican Party to try and find anything nefarious.  Apparently, they were working with the investigative reporting group known as Project Veritas and Wyoming Liberty Group. As they usually do The New York Times cited unidentified sources.

Political economist Sven Larson worked 10 years for Susan Gore’s Wyoming Liberty Group as a senior fellow and policy analyst. In a statement provided to the liberal group Better Wyoming, Larson condemns the alleged recent actions. Their headline reads "Ex Wyo Liberty Group staffer “disgusted” by Susan Gore’s spying scheme."

The headline for the liberal online publication WyoFile reads, "Stun and dismay follow political espionage revelations."

But hold on a moment, let's put this in perspective. 

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No one likes to be "spied on," yet if a liberal group had infiltrated the Wyoming GOP or Wyoming Liberty Group, maybe even Wyoming Gun Owners and found something nefarious these same leftist groups would be calling the "spies" HEROES! 

We've seen this before. It's only bad and unfair when it's happening to you. It's perfectly fine when it's happening to the opposition.

As I said in my last article, which you can read at this link, undercover reporting is how many major scandals are exposed to the public. We need it to expose bad behavior.

The organization Project Veritas usually uses whistleblowers from the very people they are exposing.  An example of this is how the organization exposed both CNN and NYT for pushing flat-out propaganda rather than news. In some cases, it was people who worked at these news agencies who went to Project Veritas with the story.

Here in Wyoming, it looks like they were not able to find a whistleblower, rather they found a couple of really lame "spies" who sucked so bad at their attempts to dig up dirt they were spotted right away by people on both the left and right.

I hope Project Veritas and Wyoming Liberty Group try again. This time with "spies" who are actually good at it. How else are we going to expose those who are up to no good?

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