For those that are wanting to retire, sometimes it can be difficult as to how you wish to make that happen. Would you want to move somewhere else? Most people do. And it seems that Wyoming is a pretty good spot for just that idea.

Our friends at WalletHub did the research and as a result, it turns out that Wyoming in one of the best states in the U.S. to come to retire. The factors involved in determining which states are the best to retire consist of affordability, health related factors, and overall quality of life. Overall, Wyoming finished as the 11th best state to come to retire.

In terms of affordability and health care, the state finished 14th and 13th overall which certainly helped our case. Wyoming was also 5th overall in 'best WalletHub taxpayer ranking'. So, several factors were involved in helping Wyoming its overall achievement score when it comes to retirement.

Colorado ended up coming in at 2nd overall when it comes to retirement. A big part of their good ranking came from their high score in health care, where they are 5th overall.

The best state for retirement turned out to be Florida given their warmer climate while the worst in the country were Mississippi, New York, and New Jersey, finishing with the worst overall ranking for retirement.

So it turns out Wyoming's a pretty good state to come to for retirement. We can't say that we complain here.

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