It is not uncommon for someone who has never been out this way to drive across Wyoming and wonder, "Why do people live out here?" Pardon those who do not understand, but there are many good reasons people choose Wyoming.

Most people move to Wyoming for work. Most people move away from Wyoming for the same reason. But what about those people who moved here for some other reason?

There are those who have made enough money, so they move to Wyoming for the view. If they have more than enough then they can afford to live under the shadow of the Tetons. But there are many other places in this state that offer an amazing view at a much lower price. 

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Some move there to raise a family away from the hustle and drama of the city, or perhaps just those more populated states. The pace out here is a lot more relaxed. The stress level is far lower. They move to Wyoming to decompress. 

Add to that decompression is the need to hang on to what one has earned and save some money. With no state income tax, and low taxes in general, plus an easy cost of living, Wyoming is a great place to retire.

There is far less noise out here. That makes it a bit easier to sleep at night. The air is cleaner. Nature will walk right up to the front door. Sometimes an entire herd of it will come to visit.

For those who have simply said, "Enough of the world!" and want to step away into a place where they can peacefully live their own life, welcome to Wyoming.

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