At a time when the state of Wyoming is short of money and making major cutbacks to keep a few essential services going, there are those in the house and senate that want to increase the size and cost of government exponentially.

In the interview, below, you will hear details from a Wyoming think tank as they explain why some elected officials actually want to do this at such a finically awkward time for Wyoming, and the nation.

The temptation comes after an offer of more money from the federal government for the state to expand Medicaid. But extra money is something the federal government, which is over $32 trillion indebt, does not have.

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Those who are tempted by this money are promising that the Federal government will pay 90% of the cost of expansion or the state will withdraw from the deal.

But once a state has bitten the hook it is all in and there is no withdraw, as Colorado and Montana have discovered.

Several states, like Colorado, have even sued the federal government to withdraw and lost. Now they are stuck with an enormous program that is causing great financial stress to their states, and they can't get shut it down.

Like other states Colorado has had to increase taxes to pay for Medicaid's out of control growth.

In the interview, below, Cassy Cravin from Wyoming Liberty Group explains the out of control problems that has come to each state that has agreed to Medicaid expansion.

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