(This story is satire. Let's get that out of the way upfront). But wind skateboarding is a real thing. 

Even with a slight drop lately, gas prices are at an all-time high.

Due to supply chain issues gas, and soon diesel, are about to spike even higher.

For years Eddy Winterbutts of Wyoming has had fun making his way around the state on wind power alone.

"Why not. It's 100% FREE!," says Eddie.

But this past summer was actually on the not-so-windy side. At the same time, gas prices have been eating up everybody's bank accounts.

"But fall has finally brought us some wind and I can get around again," says Eddie.

You might wonder how he gets around when the wind is not in his favor.

"You have to learn how to tack like a sailor," says Eddie. "Sometimes getting home takes more effort than getting to work because I have to tack left and right in order to sail in the direction that the wind is going. It's a good thing that I live in an area that is mostly Wyoming prairie. I'd never be able to do this in the mountains.

With the wind as strong as it can be in Wyoming Eddie sometimes goes down the interstate faster than cars.

"It's scary as all hell but I love passing people and watching their expressions," says Eddie. "You should see how fast I can go on Interstate 80.

When the snow comes Eddie just takes the wheels off his skateboard and makes it a snowboard.

"It's much easier to get around Wyoming in the winter," says Eddie. "We get a good snow and there is no place I can't go.

"Electric cars are NOT carbon neutral or zero emissions like they claim. If you want a cheap source of energy that is good for the environment I suggest you drive Wyoming wind power," says Eddie.

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