Raised in La Grange Wyoming, and while still in his youth his life would take him to a war that was half a world away.

He became commander of Echo Company when he served in Vietnam,  United States Marine Corps.

While out on patrol his men came across the body of an American. Something was unusual about they way they found the body.

When they radioed it in they were shocked to hear the order to bury the body. “Leave no man behind” are words our Marine Corps live by. The next words he heard over the radio were, “Don’t rock the boat. This is an order.”

Decades have passed since that day. His life and the lives of his men were not made easy as they protested what they were ordered to to that day.

The book is titled Bury Him, by Captain Doug Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain was good enough to come to our studios and talk with me about why he felt he had to write this story.

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